The Sociocracy 3.0 Resource Library

Below you find a list of free resources about S3.

All the materials we create are licensed to you under a Creative Commons Free Culture License. The exact license is also referenced or included with each of the downloads. At bottom of this page you can find more information about the license and suggestions for attribution of derivative works.

Other Languages

If you’re missing a resource in your preferred language, you can help create it. Even if you can only spare an hour or two, you can make a difference. Read more about the S3 Translation Project.

A Practical Guide for Evolving Agile and Resilient Organizations with Sociocracy 3.0

This is the official description of Sociocracy 3.0, it contains all patterns, the Seven Principles and S3’s key concepts. The guide is available in several formats and languages.

If you’re interested in what’s new, take a look at the changelog.


online version

A mobile-friendly version with an alphabetical index for looking up patterns fast.

eBook (pdf)

This eBook works best on tablets, desktops and for printing.

eBook (ePub)

An ebook for reading on your mobile phone, ebook reader (kindle, tolino etc.), tablet or desktop.

GitHub Repositories
Github repositories with the raw text and all illustrations so you can do whatever you want with it.

Sociocracy 3.0 Introduction – Posters for Visual Learning

A set of posters in A1 format that can be used for visual learning in S3 introduction courses and sessions.

The S3 Canvas Series

The S3 Canvas Series is a set of simple lightweight tools to bring more clarity and transparency to your organization: the Organization Canvas, Delegation Canvas and the S3 Team Canvas.

Filling in a canvas in a group typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and helps you to develop shared understanding around the organization itself, it’s domains, and your circles or teams.

Visit the S3 Canvas Mini-Site to read more and download the canvases in various formats:

The S3 Primer

The S3 Primer provides an overview of S3 and key concepts like drivers and domains. It contains those patterns most organizations want to pull in first, and facilitation guides for essential group processes: Consent Decision Making, Proposal Forming, Selection to Roles, Driver Mapping, Resolve Objection and Review Agreements.

For now it’s only available as a PDF in German:

download German version (latest update: 2019-09-11)

Map of all the Patterns in S3

An overview over all the patterns and the pattern groups in S3, complete with the Seven Principles.

The Common Sense Framework

All resources about the Common Sense Framework are currently only available on the Common Sense Framework website.

The S3 Illustrations

All illustrations used on the S3 website, the practical guide and the primer are available for you to use in your own materials and websites.

download English version download German version

See the project’s micro site for more information.


The Practical Guide, all the resources made available in the resources page, as well as all the pages of this website are licensed to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which is a Free Culture License. 


Basically this license grants you:

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You need to attribute the original creator of the materials, and all derivatives need to be shared under the same license.

There’s more on the topic of free culture on the Creative Commons website.

Attribution of derivative works

If you create a derivative work, the license requires you to attribute them. A good attribution contains title, author, source and license, like this:

This work, “[name of your work here]”, is a derivative of “Sociocracy 3.0 - A Practical Guide” by James Priest, Bernhard Bockelbrink and Liliana David used under CC BY SA. “[name of your work]” is licensed under CC BY SA by [your name].

If you include our materials in your websites or documents, you can attribute them like this:

“S3 Illustrations” by Bernhard Bockelbrink, used under CC BY SA. “[name of your work]” is licensed under CC BY SA by [your name].

You can find out more about attribution on the Creative Commons' page about best practices for attribution.

Legal Disclaimer

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