What is Sociocracy 3.0?

A practical guide for evolving agile and resilient organizations of any size, from small start-ups to large international networks and nationwide, multi-agency collaboration.

Sociocracy 3.0

  • provides a coherent collection of principles based patterns for collaboration, to navigate complexity, adapt and evolve.
  • incrementally processes available information into continuous improvement of the value stream, products, services and skills.
  • helps organizations making the best use of the talent already present, and to grow flexible organizational structures to align the flow of information and influence to the flow of value
  • provides an organic, iterative approach to change that meets organizations where they are and helps them move forward at their own pace and according to their unique context and needs.
  • draws on the collective intelligence of the group
  • facilitates the development of strategies that are “good enough for now” and “safe enough to try”
  • fosters accountability and a sense of engagement
  • is a transformational mechanism for both individuals and the whole organization

Sociocracy 3.0 may be applied within

  • startups
  • small and medium businesses
  • large international, networked organizations
  • families
  • investor-funded organizations
  • communities
  • and more…

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