Ways of Contributing to the Development of S3

For the time being, S3 is being developed by Lili David, James Priest and Bernhard Bockelbrink. We publish the Practical Guide as a reference to Sociocracy 3.0. We release updates to the Practical Guide 2-3 times a year, drawing on our already substantial backlog of potential updates. 

We prioritize changes according to what we think adds most value, based on our learning from practice and research and the feedback we receive from all the people we’re in contact with (like you).

While some developments are simple, others need more time for reflection, research and testing. Additionally, making a change in one place, often influences other aspects of S3 as well. Even apparently small changes, sometimes require many hours of work, so please be aware that it might take us some time to process your suggestion. 

If you have small corrections to the text in the Practical Guide, such as suggestions related to grammar, punctuation, spelling and text intelligibility, please annotate the web version of the Practical Guide via hypothe.is: Simply click on (here or on the website) and wait for the page to reload, then you can highlight text and add public comments. You will need to set up a free account at hypothes.is to be able to do this.

For suggestions about translations, use hypothes.is (as described above) directly on the website of the translated versions of the Practical Guide. You can find the links at the bottom of each page of the English version.

If you have suggestions for technical improvements (such as website navigation, style, ux, etc.), you can create an issue on GitHub or simply use the form below.

Changes or Additions to the Practical Guide

If you are using S3 patterns and principles in your work and you would like to suggested changes or additions to the guide, please check with fellow practitioners first, explaining your possible objections, as explained in the Intentional Commitment for Practitioners and Teachers.  

If, following these conversations, you still believe your suggestions are relevant and valuable, we’re interested to hear from you about any possible objections to the Practical Guide that you may have discovered. In this case, please get in touch via the form below:.

This form collects your name and email so we can contact you. Check out our privacy policy for more information.