In recent months I developed The S3 Canvas Series – a set of simple and lightweight tools to help bring more clarity and transparency to your organization:

As of now there’s three canvases:

  • the S3 Organization Canvas, which helps describe and understand your business model and organization as a whole
  • the S3 Delegation Canvas which can be used to define the domain of a department, team, circle or role in your organization
  • the S3 Team Canvas, a companion to the Delegation Canvas that helps a team or circle describe their “inwards” perspective, development and relationships of the team’s members

Filling in a canvas in a group typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and helps you to develop shared understanding around the organization itself, its domains, and your circles or teams.

Each canvas consists of distinct sections that help you explore various aspects of your organization, domain or team. The sections are numbered to indicate the order of moving through a canvas.

When downloading a canvas, you will receive a 2 page pdf file: the first page is a guide with a brief explanation for each section and the second is the actual canvas.

Head over to the S3 Canvas Page to take a look or download the canvases.