Updates to Patterns

One significant change we’ve made to S3 so far this year is to the Clarify Domains pattern, which includes a rename to Clarify and Develop Domains

We synergized the value from both the Delegation Canvas and the Clarify Domains pattern, along with everything we’ve been learning about domains. We’ve made changes to the domain description and now provide a far more detailed explanation of each element. We hope that you will find this useful for deepening your understanding of domains.

Look out for an update to the Delegation Canvas, coming soon.

Another change worth mentioning is a major update to the Driver Mapping pattern description where you’ll now find a more detailed explanation of the process, along with information about what it’s for and what people can expect.

We’ve also made a number of other changes, details of which you’ll find, as always, in the changelog.

A new structure of the Practical Guide

Bernhard is the one responsible for handling all the technical aspects of our work with S3, including creating the automated systems that make such regular updates easy(er) to handle. He spent the last weeks improving the back-end structure, to allow for more flexibility in the way the content of the Practical Guide is presented. 

As a result, you’ll now find there is a new structure of the Practical Guide that makes the relevant parts easier to find:

This change led to a series of improvements to the patterns.sociocracy30.org microsite, where you find the online version of the Practical Guide:  

  • A new homepage explains what’s where.
  • A new layout provides you with a cleaner experience on desktop and mobile devices.
  • A new responsive menu enables easier access to the various sections of the guide.

Are you using this website regularly? 

These improvements will make your life easier:

  • On the top-right header you’ll find a direct link to an A-Z index of all patterns, a clickable patterns map, and a simple way to annotate with comments regarding specific pieces of text if you have something to say. 
  • You now also have  a number of keyboard shortcuts that will help you to navigate rapidly through the site:  

We’re really excited about these changes and about what we’ve got planned next, so stay tuned for more updates coming soon!