The S3 Canvas Series

Bring clarity and transparency to your organization with these simple and lightweight tools. Filling in a canvas typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and helps you to develop shared understanding around the organization itself, its domains, and your circles or teams.

Each canvas consists of distinct sections that help you explore various aspects of your organization, domain or team. The sections are numbered to indicate the order of moving through a canvas. When downloading a canvas, you will receive a 2 page pdf file: the first page is a guide with a brief explanation for each section and the second is the actual canvas. If possible, print the canvas in A3 format, this gives you more space to work with.

In the future, I will provide the canvases in other formats, like Google docs, taskpaper and png, subscribe to the newsletter (below) to be notified about updates. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please use the contact form to get in touch .

The S3 Organization Canvas

The S3 Organization Canvas is a tool for exploring new business models or product ideas, or for communicating existing ones. For new business models or products, it’s a good idea to create several canvases, which each explore different tangents, and then integrate the best ideas into a smaller set of canvases. Those can then be tested through pretotyping or other means of interacting with (potential) customers.

S3 Delegation Canvas

The S3 Delegation Canvas is a tool for negotiating and clarifying the delegation of a domain to a team or role. Sections are numbered to indicate the suggested order of moving through the canvas.

The Delegation Game

A simple and fun activity to define and delegate a new domain, or to develop shared understanding and reveal misconceptions about an existing domain. Gather those delegating the domain (e.g. a manager) and those the domain is delegated to (e.g. somebody in a role or position, or the members of a team). Allow for 15 minutes for each participant to fill in a Delegation Canvas individually, and then go through each section together, comparing notes and agreeing on the details of the domain.

The S3 Team Canvas

The S3 Team Canvas is a tool for teams to clarify and explore where they stand and how to move forward. This canvas focuses on the “inside” perspective of a team, and can be combined with the S3 Delegation Canvas, which helps define the domain of the team’s work.


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