For those who may have missed this on the home page, here is the Primary Driver for Sociocracy 3.0:

“In 2014 we came together to co-create a body of Creative Commons licensed learning resources, synthesizing ideas from sociocracy, Agile and Lean. We discovered that organizations of all sizes need a flexible menu of practices and structures – appropriate for their specific context – that enable the evolution of a sociocratic and agile mindset to achieve greater effectiveness, alignment, fulfillment and well-being.” – James Priest and Bernhard Bockelbrink

Many people are unaware that to begin with Bernhard and I got together to create a body of free learning resources that integrated elements from Sociocratic Circle Method (SCM) with Agile and Lean. It was only through beginning this journey together that we realized an evolution of SCM would help to make it more accessible and applicable to some. We discovered the Navigate Via Tension pattern through describing the process we were naturally engaging in as we discovered the various elements of Sociocracy 3.0.