Listen to this telecall organised by The Kairos Project with James Priest on the 1st of Septemeber 2016. Find out how Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) relates to Holacracy, Teal, Lean, Agile, Reinventing Organisations and Human Development.

Here are the (rephrased) questions that James answers:

(00:10) Holacracy is an ‘all in’ methodology as opposed to S3, who proposes a modular approach, inviting organizations to pull in patterns and adapt them according to their context and needs. Can you say more about this?

(2:40) Which organizations are experimenting so far with patterns from S3?

(6:00) What is the relation between S3 and Lean / Agile?

(9:30) What is the relation between S3 and Sociocracy, Holacracy, Lean, Agile? Do you see them as complimentary?

(15:20) What is the link between Sociocracy 3.0 and Teal & Reinventing Organisations (Frederick Laloux)?

(19:26) You talk about ‘pattern language’. Is it related to the work of Christopher Alexander from architecture? What is your take on this term?

(23:10) What might be an universal language of human development? How one could use S3 patterns to facilitate constructive interaction between people with different worldview towards ultimate goals?

(35:15) Are there spaces where people meet to exchange about their experiences with S3 or ask questions?