S3 Online Decision Making Practice

2020-04-15 10:00—13:00 CEST
Lili David

Deepen your skills to facilitate and participate in online collaborative decision making, draw on diverse perspectives and unveil the both-and-more!

Deepen your skills to facilitate and participate in collaborative decision making (online), draw on diverse perspectives and unveil the both-and-more! 

This experiential workshop offers you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge of Sociocracy 3.0 decision making patterns and develop your fluency and competence in making and evolving agreements. It’s a chance for you to clarify misassumptions, deepen your understanding and receive feedback while practicing. 

This workshop is only for those who previously attended a Sociocracy 3.0 Practitioner Course Level 1 or Agile Decision Making with Sociocracy 3.0 Level 1. 

During this call you’ll develop your ability to:

  • participate in and effectively facilitate governance meetings online.
  • identify, articulate, qualify and integrate objections and help others do the same.
  • respond more effectively to common challenges that arise during collaborative decision making. 
  • actively contribute towards enabling effective collaboration. 

You’ll learn how to get the best out of using these patterns and support others throughout the organization to do the same. 

Here are the topics we’ll review and/or practice: 

  • Online meeting practices 
  • Proposal Forming practice 
  • Consent Decision-Making practice 
  • Artful facilitation and participation in online governance meetings 
  • Applying ‘both-and’ thinking to solving problems 

If you wish to participate in this course and the fee is beyond your means or the value you place on it, please contact us to explore how your attendance may still be possible. We wish to ensure that cost is no barrier to attending Sociocracy 3.0 courses. 

For any questions or any information please contact us at connect@learns3.org

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