Sociocracy 3.0 Practitioner Level 2: Facilitation Masterclass

2023-03-22 09:00 —
2023-03-24 17:30 CET
Barcelona, Spain
James Priest
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Lili David
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Develop skills and competence to effectively guide group processes and elicit the creativity and wisdom of all

No matter your role in the organization, developing effective facilitation skills will help you make your best contribution toward group endeavours and support others to do the same.

When navigating complicated or complex environments, groups need to be able to work together effectively to achieve common goals. In such cases, skilled facilitation can really help but it needs more than a few formulaic processes. It also requires skills in communication, building and maintaining rapport, and managing group dynamics well.

This course provides you with a wide selection of models and practices for facilitating co-creative endeavours. You’ll practice with fellow learners in a space designed for your individual and collective development to increase your confidence and improve your facilitation skills.

Alongside exploring the general topic of facilitation, there's plenty of opportunities to practice facilitating various S3 process patterns (e.g. Check in, Consent Decision Making, Testing Arguments Qualify as Objections, Resolve Objections, Peer Review, Retrospective, etc). You’ll receive feedback from peers and develop your fluency in a safe-to-fail environment, so that by the end of the course you feel more confident to experiment in higher stake environments with your clients and colleagues.

This learning journey focuses on 3 essential aspects of Artful Facilitation:

  • Mental models and patterns for facilitation: Deepen your understanding of the facilitator role and learn about useful practices and tools that you can use to optimize participation and commitment, and achieve the desired results.
  • Personal development: Learn more about your usual facilitation style, identify your key areas of challenge and discover new strategies to address them.
  • Practical experience: Practice facilitating in a safe-to-fail environment, build fluency with S3 process patterns and learn from others as they do the same.

Topics covered

  • Understanding the role of Facilitator
  • Contracting for successful collaboration
  • Useful mental models and tools
  • Core principles and practices
  • Designing, preparing and holding effective meetings
  • Facilitating S3 process patterns
  • Facilitating S3 process patterns by stealth
  • Adapting patterns to context
  • Identifying personal challenges in facilitation and develop effective strategies to deal with them

This course is for:

  • Organizational development consultants, change agents, and anyone supporting people in organizations to improve their ways of working,

  • Corporate managers, and leadership teams, wishing to facilitate effective and lasting changes in their organizations,

  • Agile Coaches, Project Managers and Scrum Masters supporting teams to perform and thrive

  • Educators and teachers working to help adults or children learn how to better help themselves,

  • Anyone interested in unleashing co-creation and innovation, improving self-organization and collaboration, and growing organizations where both the people and the organization can thrive.

⚠️ Participation in this course is dependent on having completed the S3 Practitioner Program Level 1, comprised of the Foundations Course and the Practical Course / OR the pre-2020 LearnS3 Practitioner Course, Level 1 (pending completion of the S3 Academy, Level 1 Verification of Learning). Email us at for more information

Learning facilitators: James Priest and Lili David, co-developers of Sociocracy 3.0.

has over 20 years experience in group facilitation. For the past 17 he has also designed and delivered numerous learning journeys to help professionals across a variety of fields, develop their facilitation skills.

brings her own experience as a facilitator of S3 process patterns and in designing and hosting transformative experiences for groups as an event organizer for the past 15 years.

The course experience

This is a residential course, held in hotel near Barcelona, by the beach. All activities (including sleeping), take place at the venue. This environment allows you to let go of daily practical concerns and focus deeply on your learning journey. It also gives you the opportunity to socialize with other participants and nourish and nurture yourself for a few days.

Besides the daily program, there will be (optional) evening activities to help you get to know the other participants more, and deepen your learning from the day.

Course price:

  • For companies: 1950€ excl VAT (usually 0%)
  • For individuals and NPO’s: 1542€ excl VAT (19%)

This price includes:

  • course materials
  • lunch for the duration of the course
  • coffee breaks


  • with a single room: 146 € / night, including breakfast
  • A shared room may be possible: The price for a twin room is 83€ per night, including breakfast. Please specify in the registration form if you’d prefer this option and we’ll try to find another participant who would like to share a room with you.


If you wish to participate in this course and the fee is beyond your means or the value you place on it, please contact us to explore how your attendance may still be possible. We endeavor to ensure that cost is no barrier to attending Sociocracy 3.0 courses.

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