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Below you find a list of resources about S3.

If you’re missing a resource in your preferred language, you can help to create it: Read more about the S3 Translation Project.

S3 - A Practical Guide

This is the official description of Sociocracy 3.0, it contains all patterns, the Seven Principles and S3’s key concepts. The guide is available in several formats and languages.

Here’s a detailed changelog:web page | pdf

There’s also a mobile friendly version of this page.

English German French Hebrew
A mobile-friendly version with a index for looking up patterns fast.
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eBook (ePub) An ebook for reading on your ebook reader (kindle, tolino, ..), mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
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eBook (pdf) An eBook that works best on tablets and desktops.
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An online slide deck for presenting or reviewing patterns.
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slide deck
(pdf 16:9)
A PDF file with widescreen slides for presenting or on-screen reading.
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slide deck
(pdf A40
A PDF file for multiple pages on one sheet.
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slide deck
A ZIP file that contains each slide as a separate image for building your own presentations.
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GitHub Github repositories with the raw text and all illustrations so you can do whatevery you want.
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Sociocracy 3.0 Introduction Course - Posters for Visual Learning

Download posters in A1 format – English, German and in Dutch

The S3 Canvas Series

Get the S3 Delegation Canvas, the S3 Organization Canvas and the S3 Team Canvas from the S3 Canvas Page

The S3 Primer

The S3 Primer provides an overview over S3 and key concepts like drivers and domains. It contains those patterns most organizations want to pull in first, and facilitation guides for essential group processes: Consent Decision Making, Proposal Forming, Selection to Roles, Driver Mapping, Resolve Objection and Review Agreements.

For now it’s only available as a PDF in German:

download German version

Illustration Repository

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Library of Online Virtual Resources (by SEOC)

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